Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Farm stuff...

I had hooked this feeder onto the stanchion last week and have just left it there. I'm glad I did. And it will stay there too. Olga is a very wasteful goat. When I had both stanchions in here and milking both goats, under her stanchion would be about half her feed. She'll take a huge bite, then lift her head. And when she does that, about half of it falls to the floor. I tried sweeping it up and putting it back in. But no, goats will not touch anything that's been on the floor! So the chickens would get it.So I kept hearing things hitting this feeder and it's the food that would have hit the floor, falling into the feeder! Ha! So when she's done with the feed in the wooden feeder, I just dump what's in the green feeder back in. Solved that waste problem!

This is Sugar. He and Misha are always the last to go anywhere. Well, Sugar is.He is either not paying attention when the sheep move to another place or he is pooping. This is the world's slowest alpaca ever. Seriously, this guy saunters. He's the slowest saunterer in the world too. My sister saunters. She never walks fast, even when she's in a hurry. Or when anyone else is in a hurry. She's always behind everyone else. So is this guy. I have to wait a few minutes for him to go through the gate. And if I'm too close, he won't go through. He's so weird.

And THIS guy. Oh my, I want to kill him! He literally crows ALL DAY! And especially when anyone is outside. He follows me into the milk room where the feed is in the morning, and crows in there. First thing in the morning, I am already pissed and cussing! I hate this rooster!

Anyone else have a rooster that just crows all day long?

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