Thursday, July 14, 2016

Outside milking.

It has been SO hot in the milk room lately. I dread going in to milk. I am dripping with sweat when it's all done. The goats don't even want to go in there. It's literally like a sauna.

So, this morning, I got my husband to help move the 2 stanchions out in the goat yard, under the trees. I will be milking there til winter. We might need to put a lean-to over it. Just in case it might rain. But here they will be til it gets cooler.

And maybe the girls will finish eating their feed now.

I cannot remember it ever being this hot in that room before. I can't remember ever having to water the gardens before either. But I am watering nearly every day. And have been since the beginning of June. First big water bill was about $46. Can't wait to see what this next one will be. I just hate to see all my plants suffering so. I am even watering the apple trees.

What's it like where you live right now? Doing a lot of watering too?


StrictlyMystic said...

Here in the Pacific Northwest I'm still turning the heat on most days. It's the middle of July - time for summer! Maybe we could arrange a swap?

Kris said...

Oh goodness, I would LOVE to swap with you! It has been unbearable here. We did just get a 20 degree drop in temp from 96 to 76 this afternoon. I was hoping to get some rain out of this. But nothing yet.

Denny Gross said...

Here in the Detroit area, it rained for the first time in 5 weeks at my house a couple of days ago. The storm clouds just seemed to keep going around me. My lawn went dormant a month early. Remembering how my flower gardens and grass came close to dying the last time this happened, I've been watering every other day. And remembering how I had a $300 water bill at the end of the summer. But that's nothing compared to how much it would cost to replace to replace all my perennials.

Kris said...

I know! I keep thinking about all the money I've spent on seeds and plants. Can't afford to lose them. I'm glad you got rain. We had rain all around us here today, but never got any here. It will tomorrow afternoon, about market time. But I will not complain!