Monday, July 18, 2016

Clay is messy!

You can't see the half of it, but I am a mess! I've been working on some pottery this morning and have decided that clay is very messy. I need to wash all the towels I have ruined doing this too. And then take a nice long shower before I go to town.

I took all the tools and buckets off so I could wash the wheel down real good.

All clean again! It just feels good to work in a clean space and have clean tools again.

I can not make 2 of the same things. It's SO frustrating to me. I would love to at least make 2 mugs or 2 bowls as alike as possible. I know no 2 of anything is very much alike in pottery. But I would like to at least make 2 things the same size or shape.

So the first thing I made this morning flopped. Bad. I had at least 3 pounds of clay. It turned into a little tiny bowl after I had to cut most of the clay off. The bowl on the right in back. Then I was going to try to make a tall mug. It turned into a yarn bowl. Then tried to make another yarn bowl. It turned into the bowl with the spout. I'll add a handle later after I trim it. I did get 2 tea cups almost the same size though.

And got pretty close  with these 3 sets of 2 mugs. Maybe one day I will make a set of 4 mugs that look similar. Just maybe?

I have not really felt like making any pottery in a few weeks. I did make 10 little soap dishes though. Took them in to get fired Saturday. Can't wait to see how they look  when finished. I don't really know how I want to glaze them.

I think I am in need of another milk goat. All of a sudden, I have people actually wanting to buy milk now. After all these years of having goats and only a few people getting milk, now I have about 6 people wanting milk. And someone wants buttermilk and cheese too. There is not a lot left over for the pigs. So a friend had borrowed my buck 5 months ago. One of her does had a doe kid last week and she rejected her. So I asked if I could get the doe to milk. I am talking more about this with her today. She has another due soon too. That would put me going through winter with a doe in milk. I really need to get certified to sell milk now. That would be a good thing, right?

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