Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wednesday at home.

It's weird being home right now. Usually on Wednesday my mom and I go out,. We would be eating lunch somewhere right now. But she had an early appointment and my husband needed the truck for his doctor appointment. So I am staying home today.

I mowed already. The yard and garden was looking quite scraggly. So that's done. It's been so dry we hardly need to mow anymore. But there is a chance of rain every day for a week! We might get some. It's funny, the last 2 days it has rained all over the place and up to about 2 miles from our farm, but nothing here. It has rained on the hay fields where I get my round bales though, so I am happy to see that. It was looking pretty bad. He would usually have baled hay at least 2 or 3 times by now and has only baled 1 time this year.

A friend gave me these comfrey plants for some milk a few weeks ago. I put them in the shade til I can figure out where to plant them and almost forgot about them. 4 of the pots only had roots when I got them and now have little ones growing already. I think I'll just plant them over where I had them. They seem to like it there. I can't wait til I can start using this stuff. She said it's really good for animals to eat too.

Does anyone else grow comfrey? What do you do with it? I want to make salves but need to read up on the medicinal benefits of comfrey.

This morning while I was mowing under the pear trees, I noticed the limbs hanging down from all the pears. I saw one that look ripe so picked it and ate it. It was so good. I just love going around the yard or gardens while mowing and picking food. I did that with the blue berries. And figs and apples. So fun!

And just a cool little heart shaped potato I found a few days ago. I love this. And it made some good fried taters too!

For me, the farmers markets have been good this week. I did really good Sunday up on the mountain at the Trading Post. I really like that one. Then yesterday at Audubon Acres I did good too. But some of the other vendors did not. The market manager wanted to have 2 rows facing each other. We have been making an L shape and people really liked it that way. So we did it facing each other yesterday and it was not good for the vendors at the end. Some didn't even sell anything.

So I would love to hear your opinions of farmers markets you go to. How are the vendors spaced out? In 1 long row or facing each other in 2 rows? What do you prefer? And do you usually go to each booth? Or to your favorite booth and leave? I have noticed some people go right straight to their favorite places and never even look at another booth. So just wondered.

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