Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday morning milking.

I have started milking the goats outside now, since it's like an oven in the milk room. So til it gets cooler, here we will be milking.

It's so quiet out here. I can hear every insect, frog, bird. I can hear distant neighbors mowing or hammering or chain saws running. It's amazing the sounds I can hear out here. I feel sorry for people who live in cities. I was getting gas last week near downtown Chattanooga on Broad St. Standing there at the pump, it was so noisy. The interstate was just a few blocks away. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, waiting at the lights, were very loud. I looked up in the trees along the road and wondered if there were birds in them. And if they were singing. If they were, no one would hear them there.

I love it out here.


Betty Ann said...

And I'm sure the goats are happy too!

Iris said...

I like the outside early in the morning, too. The sounds are very happy, friendly and soothing.