Friday, September 25, 2015

Yay, 3 more weeks to procrastinate!

Plans have changed yet again. We have rain in the forecast for this weekend. So Valley Fest has been postponed to Oct. 17th. And moved to the high school as well. So right now, I have 3 more weeks to procrastinate. I am good at that.

It has rained since last night. We really need rain. I don't think I have ever seen leaves changing colors in September. Ever. But they are around here. The nights are already cooler too. On the way home today, I saw smoke coming out of someone's chimney. Not ready for that yet. But we do have lots of wood. And more up on the mountain at a friends house, waiting for us to go get it.

So since, I didn't have to keep wrapping soap today, I went to town and paid bills. Went to see my mom too. A little different Friday for me.

Sunday, the Iron man race will be coming down our road again! They turned before our road last year because the year before last, someone put oil and nails on this road. Not a good thing.  But they will be back this year. I missed it 2 years ago when my mom fell and I had to stay with her at her house. We will not be able to leave Sunday. Churches won't even have a morning service. Pretty big thing around here.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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