Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cardigan and old rocker.

I started this cardigan a few weeks ago in my knitting class. I hope to have it finished in a few weeks. But it sure is boring right now. Purl a row, knit a row. Boring. And I have some pretty noticeable holes in a few places. Don't know how that happened. But last night, I thought about just embroidering some cute little flowers over the holes when I'm finished. Good solution, I think! I can't wait to get this done now.

I also got my very favorite magazine a few days ago. Taproot. I love it. There is a pattern for a Cicily shawl I want to make. Just about every issue has some knitting patterns and lots of other crafty things to make. This issue also has the instructions for how to make a cloth basket out of clothes line rope. So looks like I will have plenty to do.

 And this is my new old rocker. I took it down the road to the people who made my farm sign to make a new rung for it last month. Christina brought it back yesterday and it's now back on the front porch of my studio, where it's been for years. It came with this house, so I know it's pretty old. I love this rocker. And now it rocks so much better. I will get a lot of knitting done out here now.

I just need to stain the new rung now and it'll look better.

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