Saturday, September 26, 2015

A good shepherd.

A good shepherd knows her sheep. I feel like I am a good shepherd. I know the sounds they make. I know if it's a happy sound or a distressed sound. I can tell when they want to move to another pasture.I just know my sheep.

So this morning, I was going to feed the chickens when I heard a sheep way down at the bottom of the pasture. I looked and all the sheep were up under the shelter of the garden shed. So I called "sheep" and they all looked at me. And I heard the sheep again, way down by the road. I kept calling and it answered.

I looked at all the sheep so I knew who it was. My favorite lamb baby, Campbelle. And it was raining. Had been all morning. I slept in too, so it was about 9:30.

I got halfway to where she was, way down in the corner. In the picture, the fence line meets way down by the road, and she was smack in the corner. So I went to get fence cutters and ran down to her. Poor baby. All I could see was her rear end. She was stuck between the 2 posts in the corner. Just enough room for a small sheep to squeeze in there to eat the bushes. She couldn't go forward any more, but didn't know to go backward to get out. So all I did was pull her backward and out she came. I guess I better put something in there to keep this from happening again. Because it will. Sheep are not the brightest of creatures.

That's her by the fence. No telling how long she'd been there like that. Poor baby girl. She was fine though.

This is what I see out my back door of the studio. Goats in the barn. It's been raining since yesterday. I need hay bad.

They finally mowed the hay fields next door to the South of us. Not to the North of us yet. I hope they get to mow it soon. I love to see hay in the fields. I think most people have cut hay 4 or 5 times this year. It's been a really good hay year here.

This is out the front door of the studio.

I planted some more kale in the big bed by the green beans a few days ago. They should be popping up in a few days. I gave the beans a good shot of fish emulsion a few days ago. They were looking a bit yellow at the bottom. They look better already. And the radishes I planted a few days ago are already up. I don't see carrots yet but should after all this wonderful rain God has provided for them. The kale and turnip greens look amazing. I can pick some kale already. I am SO thankful for this rain.

Nice cool rainy day here. Good day to stay inside and get some knitting done. And soap wrapped. And dryer balls made. And so much much to do.

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