Sunday, January 18, 2015

The mystery is solved.

Ok, look at these 2 sweet dogs. Aren't they just the cutest sweetest best ever dogs? Just look at those faces. How could they ever do anything wrong? How?

Well, one of them is so bad. So evil. So sneaky. One of them is a cat food stealing dog. Yes, that's right. Stealing cat food. Can you pick which one it is?

Well, Stella has admitted she has a problem. A big problem. She said it was just so easy to do it. It's right there, in front of her, all the time. All she had to do was take the lid off. Cat food is yummy. Really, it is. She just couldn't live with the guilt any more. She has confessed.

Well, she really did not confess. I caught her, red handed. Or red pawed. Right in the very act of eating cat food. I was wondering why the lid kept being  off the cat food container for awhile now. Never even thought it could be one of my sweet doggies. But it was Stella Bella Luna. The bad cat food stealing dog.

Just look at that face. She could not live with herself any more. She is so relieved.

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Betty Ann said...

LOL! When we had a dog we kept the cat food bowl on top of the washing machine because only the cat could leap up there. Now when our grand dog comes to visit we have to take up all the cat food bowls. Cats rule and dogs drool. IMHO. :)