Monday, January 19, 2015

Some visitors this morning.

Had visitors this morning. Campbelle and Cameron, the 2 ewe lambs I had to bottle feed last year. I let the sheep in the front yard and they stayed all night. I have been hearing coyotes yipping a little too close the past few nights, so I felt safer with them in the front yard. (I know the glass needs cleaned. But we have 2 dogs. They are like children with dirty hands.)

I let them in. They wandered around the house a little while. I wonder if they remember being in here for so long when they were little? They are getting bigger, but still way too small. They have 2 brothers, Click and Clack. Amarillo raised the boys and I raised these 2. They are the smallest of the lambs. Aren't they the fluffiest little cuties though? They will be sheared with the rest of the flock in March. Can't wait to see how their fleeces look off of them.

This is Campbelle March 3rd, 2014. Little bitty scrawny baby. She was the smallest of the 4. Didn't think she'd live.

                                              And Cameron was so black, like her 2 brothers.

                                                   We can't hold them like this anymore.

Happy Monday y'all! And hope you all have a great holiday, as we remember a great man, Martin Luther King.

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