Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Freezing nights and honey bees.

My good friend Beth gave me this cute little hand blown bee hive ornament she found at Tuesday Morning. Made in Poland. I just love it. I hung it in the window in my studio.

It's going to get to 10 degrees in a few nights. And it's been in the 20's at night. I hope the bees make it. I wonder if I should put something around the hive to protect them. It's supposed to be really windy too. I have an entrance reducer on already, with only the smallest hole open for them.  I tried to lift the top a few days ago to see if they've eaten the fondant I put in there for them and it's been sealed shut by the bees, which is a good thing. I suppose they know what to do. Bees are really amazing smart creatures. They've made it so far with not too much help from me. But I am a little worried about these extremely freezing nights coming up. 

Does anyone else have bee hives? What do you do when it's so cold at night for them? Or do you just let them be? 


Betty Ann said...

Wonderful ornament! I adore handmade old world style glass ornaments.

Kris said...

Hey there. I have missed you. Hope all is well.

Betty Ann said...

The robot thing was a pain. I finally ignored it and hit publish as a test and was happy to see it worked! Too many posts got hung up with the robot thing so I had quit posting. But I never quit checking to see how you are doing. Your wool and yarns are scrumptious.