Wednesday, October 24, 2012


This is my pecan tree. To the left of the fence. I didn't know we had one for a long time. I started seeing pecans all over and wondered where they came from. Then I realized we had one pecan tree in the garden.

Sometimes we'll get nuts with pecans in them, but usually they are hollow or dried. But this year, there are SO many pecans on this tree and all over the ground. And they are GOOD!

When we first moved to this house, there were a lot of things that the family of the couple who built this place didn't want. One of them was this handy little tool. Don't know if this is what it's actually for, but it is now my pecan picker upper. It rolls along the ground and picks up the nuts. How cool is that? Who ever came up with this idea was a genius!

Here you can see pecans inside the little wire thing. I love this tool and am so glad no one wanted it. Because it is going to be used this year. I have already gathered several pounds so far and the tree is still full of pecans.


White Sheep Farm said...
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White Sheep Farm said...

Hey Kris,
That is so cool! What are you gonna do will all those pecans????
Hope you are getting a lot of your Holiday Market stuff done.
We are about winding down on the building projects outside, time to move inside and get to work.
Have a great weekend!
p.s. I was reading your back post and the same day you were making your tea soap I was making coffee soap ... great minds!

White Sheep Farm said...

just a double post

Kris said...

Teri, there aren't a whole lot of pecans yet. There are lots still hanging on the tree. We'll probably just eat them as we crack them.

Coffee soap sounds good. I made some a few years back that was good to get dirt off your hands. Mt tea soap is a deep green color now and smells so good. I love mint soap.

How young is too young for a Border Collie to start being around sheep?

White Sheep Farm said...

I made the mistake of letting my Aussie go into the pasture with me when he was about 3 months old ... and one of the sheep head butted him ... so NOW he is afraid of them. But I have been slowly bringing him back in ... He wants to herd the geese and ducks ... they really do have a natural herding ability ...
So I would wait a bit before I put him in ... If I didbring him in, I would be really mindful of the sheep.
How old is he?

Kris said...

This BC is around 8 months old now. He's been coming once a week now for the past several weeks. The first time he saw the sheep, he had no idea what to do . But each week he's come, he's really improved and is actually herding them. Well, he is chasing, but he's getting the idea. We don't know what to tell him though. This last time, he kind of got a little carried away. He is a beautiful dog when he's "herding". But I did get a bit scared for my sheep. Aussies are good at herding ducks and geese, I've heard. Have you heard of Vesper Aussies in Flintstone, Ga? That's my friend Jennie.