Thursday, October 4, 2012

He's getting better

He really did great today. He gets better each time he comes here. And I think he enjoys being here with the sheep. He follows commands much better. I think he just may become a good herd dog after all. I am proud of him.

The sheep were a little winded after a few times around the pasture and yard though. They were all panting. It was around noon when they got here so was a little warmer. But we did not over work them at all. It was only about 5 minutes total. They are getting used to the dogs too.

I love watching the sheep running. They run with their heads help up high. So regal looking.

Bonnie, the older dog, was not quite as interested in the sheep today. She's about a month along in her pregnancy now so needs more breaks. So we didn't keep her in too long with the sheep.  So another good shepherding day with the Border Collies.

And I made 2 batches of soap! One is Pumpkin Spice and the other an Orange-Clove. The house smells so good! I love making soap. I need more vegetable shortening again. I am always running out of at least one oil. I'll take pictures of the soap when it comes out of the molds.

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