Thursday, October 4, 2012

Around the farm

It's a cool kind of wet morning here in North Georgia. The grass is real wet. Went out to hang clothes this morning barefooted and it's cold. But it looks like it will be sunny and in the low 80's. Hopefully enough to dry up some of this slippery mud.

This is Penelope and the little Boer buck, who is nameless right now. Last night it looked like that spot on his back was shaped like a heart. But not this morning. More like just a red circle. He is SO fat. And little. I really don't think he has gotten anything done since he's been here with Penelope and Sandy. They both still act like they are in heat most of the time. And teasing poor John Henry on the other side of the fence. I do believe John Henry has done the deed. All 3 of the does he's with look settled. I'll keep them all together till the middle of October.

Yesterday, I opened the fence to the North garden. It's so buggy and nothing growing good in there. So I decided to let the sheep have at it. I did get some cucumbers but they were small. The bugs ate every bit of the field peas I had planted in Aug. And the turnip greens are all holey. The okra is done. And the sweet potato patch is a jungle. So the sheep can clear all that out for me so I can find some of them. They do such a good job of weed eating for me. And the chickens love all the bugs out there too.

This is Fiona and Axel. This morning I thought maybe she was coming in heat so I put her over in the "breeding yard". Went and got Axel and he chased her all over the yard. Not at all like Leelah and Alfie the other day. And she baaahhhed the whole time she was in there, except when she was running. Poor Axel is pooped. So I  put her back over with the rest of the girls and him back with the boys. He looked really disappointed, poor guy. But there will be another try later.

I had put Gracie and Darla in with Alfie a few days ago. Gracie was in standing heat. Darla, not so sure about her yet. Didn't actually see anything. But saw Alfie hanging around her a lot. So I think Gracie and Leelah are settled. Maybe Darla.

And this is a bird nest I found under an apple tree yesterday. Made with Darla wool and grasses. So amazing. I love that the birds used the wool I left out there for them. Just amazes me the intelligence these animals have. I love it.

I went to the Battlefield market yesterday with lots of collard and turnip greens, radishes and Blue Lake and Roma green beans and bell peppers and banana peppers. Sold quite a lot of it. But had to leave early to take my daughter to work. So came home and put a lot of greens in the freezer and will cook some for dinner tonight. I feel like a big pot of collard greens with a smoked ham hock. And some cornbread too of course!

Oh, and the Border Collie's are coming again today!! So looking forward to seeing them again. It was pouring rain Monday so they had to wait til today when it was a little dried out here. They are so pretty and clean, I hate to get them all muddy.

And I will be making some soap today. Gotta get some more made. I will make an orange-clove soap and more pumpkin spice. Love that smell! Just like a pumpkin pie right out of the oven. Yum!

So that's what's going on here at Outback Farm. I hope y'all are having a great Thursday so far!

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