Saturday, July 24, 2010

We didn't bring Mazie home last night. We are not cattle rustlers for sure. I had some apples for her and thought she'd just climb on in the trailor like she did before. But NO. She would not get all the way in. (This is a double horse trailor. It's lots smaller than the one she went down there in.) And my hubby is afraid of cows apparently. He would not push her in. So we need some cattle people to come help us. I am very upset. And so is Roxie.

I went to the farmer's market this morning to look for corn. The only people who had any had already shucked it. Now why would they do that? That's the fun of getting corn. The shucking. And the goats LOVE corn shucks. And the chickens LOVE the worms. So we all miss out on the good stuff. I got some anyway. A gallon size bag was $5.00. Good grief! And to think Roxie and the goats got in the big garden and ate all that I had planted. SO really, they did get some corn. And shucks. And worms too. So there.

I need to go pick tomatoes out in the jungle. But I am waiting til later when the sun goes down behind the trees. It's too hot. Then I read someone's post over on MJF about being in her garden and a snake ran across her feet. So now I don't know. I always take Bubba out there with me. I might get hubby to do it. He wears boots. He does not like snakes either. But he's a man and he's supposed to be the strong brave one. So there.

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