Thursday, July 22, 2010

I was going to try to figure out how to post pictures but can't seem to get it right now. I like blogs with lots of pictures. It just makes them more interesting. And I don't want mine to be boring.

It is just plain ole hot here. I know we are not the only hot spot in the world right now but still. IT'S HOT! I made sun tea today and just brought it in. I stuck the thermometer in it because I almost burned my hands carrying it inside. It was 113 degrees. I'm sure it was hotter than that earlier. I guess I could save electricity and just cook on the car! Hmmm...

I was going to go mow the yard today. But the mower had other plans. It is on vacation right now. Darn mower. I had the tank full. The flat tire was pumped up. I had the yard all picked up and ready. But no, my plans were changed real quick. I have to use a screw driver to crank it up. It's a hillbilly redneck mower. It just would not crank. So hubby will have a little job when he gets home.

I'll stop now. I don't want to bore ya'll so soon.

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