Thursday, May 18, 2017


Sam and Rosie have 4 babies that I can see. There could be another on the other side. They had 5 last spring and they got so big that one of them fell out and was dinner to one of the cats. Poor baby. I love Barn Swallows! But my goodness, these birds and I are going to have a head on collision one day. Me going in the milk room and them flying out!

And today I was going to check my bee hives and saw a Mockingbird fly from the little tree beside the bee yard gate. There's been a nest in it but I thought it was an old one. I have always cut branches out of the tree and there's also a wild rose in it that I whack on all the time. Then the sheep are out there and they eat the leaves. The nest is only a few feet off the ground. But aren't these eggs beautiful? My favorite colors together. I hope they make it. I still have 2 old cats and I've seen a few strays cats around lately.

I also have a redbird couple nesting somewhere near. They come around in the morning when I feed the chickens. I gove them sunflower seeds too. Then of course all the sparrows.

And a few days ago I saw another favorite bird in the apple trees as I was leaving. The American Goldfinch. I LOVE them. So lots of birds around. And I am not planting a single flower this year. For the birds or the bees. And I see the hummers are back too. I need a new feeder for them. My old one had lost all the yellow filter things and honey bees were going up in the feeder and drowning.


Denny Gross said...

I remember mockingbirds from growing up in the South. Once they have babies, they are ferocious in defending them. Those cats don't stand a chance.

Kris said...

I sure do hope the cats won't bother the babies. I'll do all I can to keep them away. Cats are really horrible murderers. Most of the time just for the heck of it. That's when I don't like cats. I hope I get to take pictures of Mockingbird babies soon.

Barn swallows hatch real quick, so I'll look up how long it takes for Mockingbirds to hatch.

Kris said...

about 2 weeks to hatch. And I have no idea when she set these eggs.