Monday, May 29, 2017

Sick sheep

My ewes have Barber Pole worms. Last Thursday night, I noticed Campbelle had some puffiness under her jaws. I got some Valbazon from a friend and gave her some. Plus some Red Cell and a B complex shot.

Next morning, I saw several others with puffy jaws. So wormed them all and gave shots and Red Cell.

I got a round bale of hay Friday for them.

Then Sat. gave them all Ivermec and more B and Red Cell.

I still have 1 ewe, Annabelle, who looks a little puffy today. I won't give any more wormer til next week. I'll continue to give them Red Cell for a few more days. And I mowed the field where they are now and will keep them here til they are all better.

I cut some cedar and gave it to them today.

I completely forgot that all the ewes got these worms real bad 3 years ago when they all had lambs. I should have given them worm meds after they lambed. But I thought they were all doing so good. We did give them all Ivermec last Saturday when they were all sheared. Then boom, 5 days later, this.

                                         This is my little bottle lamb, Ella. I LOVE her ears!

                                                  And here's Legolas and Elanor. So sweet.

I hope they will all be well soon. I hate when my animals are sick. Makes me feel so bad. I should have known.


Yarrow said...

I hope your lambs pick up soon, they're adorable <3

Kris said...

The lambs are all fine. It's the mommas. The lambs are nursing, so hopefully getting some of the worm meds that way? But much much better today!!!!