Tuesday, May 30, 2017

My babies...

are getting ready to fly! They cannot be old enough already, can they? It just seems like a few weeks ago they hatched.

I walked into the milk room this morning and looked up to see one of the babies out. It's so cute.

Then a little later, there were 2 of them outside the nest. One hopped back in. I don't really know how many there are. I've seen 3.

And I checked the Mockingbird nest out by the bee hives and all 3 eggs have hatched!! They are all skin and bones right now. In a few days, they will be better to take a picture of.


Yarrow said...

I miss our swallows. They used to come to the pony shelter every year until we moved it 10ft to clear the land. I think they just didn't like the new position, such a shame.

Kris said...

That's sad. This is the 3rd year for Sam and Rosie. I used to have a door on the entrance to the milk room. We took it down and ever since they have raised their babies here. I hope you get some to come back one day.