Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Outback Farm Fiber arts and Pottery Studio is OPEN!

I had an open house here about 3 weeks ago. It was so fun! I had some jewelry and Himalayan salt lamps here that a friend makes. Plus all my things. I did really well.

So I am now open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

I had a Black Friday sale then Small Business Saturday sale. Did really good then too. My sister brought up some of her things she makes. I'll post them tomorrow.

So all these items are for sale. I do have a square for my phone and also take checks.

Soaps are $5-$7 each.

I have salves for $10 each. Plantain, calendula and comfrey.

These are all knitted hats that I've made. All are hand spun wool that I have spun. Some are from my sheep. Others are from roving I have bought.

They are $35 each.

I also have baby and toddler hats too. They are $20 each.

The 2 in the middle are from my sheep.

This is alpaca that I spun from my 2 alpacas. The black is from a friend. The yarn is $7 an oz. The hat is knit from Misha's fiber. It's $40.

These are some cotton totes my grand daughter and I hand painted. They are $10 each.

Then the hand spun wool yarn from my sheep. Except the 2 yellow skeins on the left. That's Merino  that I spun from roving I bought.

The wool yarn is $6 an oz.

This is some 3 ply wool yarn. The turquoise is BFL, the white is Finn and the gray is Romney. All hand spun by me. $6 an oz. This one is 162 yds. I have 2 more skeins. 1 is 102 yds. The other is still on the bobbin right now.

Then I still have some pottery for sale.


An At Home Daughter said...

Its sooooo nice! I'm so jealous!

Linda said...

Congrats on your Shop opening!!! I would love to have a shop like that I am jealous too......lol.
You have so many beautiful things in it too.Your wool hats are really nice.


Kim said...

Are you finished with markets for the year? You stuff is wonderful.

Kim said...

Are you finished with markets for the year? You stuff is wonderful.

Kris said...

Thanks! I have 1 holiday market this Saturday then that's it for the year. I would just love to stay here and sell. I'll see how it goes. I might do 1 farmers market next year. I'd really like to get back in Main St. market but I really did good at St. Elmo market this year. Lots of tourists and they buy my stuff.

I'll see how it goes here. I like being home anyway.

Kris said...

I also hope to have some things from other people here too.