Monday, November 28, 2016

Comings and goings...

I hope everyone had a really nice Thanksgiving. We were short one person this year. Our middle grand daughter, Coryn, was in Chicago. She left late Monday night with 2 bus loads of high school band members to be in the MacDonald's Thanksgiving Parade! They had a full itinerary for each day with so many fun things to do and see there. We sure did miss her. But this was something we all felt was going to be so good for her to experience. And it was worth it. SO glad she and all the kids and parents are back home though.

My sister came for Thanksgiving. With her 2 horses! She has Falcon, an 8 year old Mastiff. And Finja, a 5 year old Great Dane. Seriously, these dogs are HUGE!  When they were in my small kitchen with me and Heidi, there was not much room to move.  But Stella really enjoyed having company. Saturday, my daughter and her husband Jason brought their 2 Boxers, Daisy and Rousey, out to visit too. So there were 5 dogs running around the yard and house!

One day, I will tell you all about what happened to Bubba. I just can't do it now.

So most of the wild fires in our area are pretty much contained now. Not all put out yet, but contained. We are supposed to be getting some good rain tonight and again on Wednesday. We hope this takes care of the fires that are still burning. And clean up the air. I was really sick from the smoke in the air for so many weeks. But better now.

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Linda said...

Kris glad the fires are under control. Its scary when you have to worry about them. We are finally getting rain here too.
I don't like mud in the fall and winter but have to say am glad this time. We have been in a drought and was worried about my neighbor burning our pasture again.

I am sorry about whatever happened to Bubba.Sending prayers to you. Pets are so much like family.

Love the picture with all the big paws. I bet Stella was having fun with them.Sounds like you had quite a houseful of people and dogs.

Take care