Monday, November 21, 2016

Making friends

This is Shorty. He's almost all Finn. Has some nice wool. And this is Buttercup, his new friend.

Saturday, Darla was the only ewe that would even look at him. All the others ran and hid behind the alpacas.It was quite funny! Then yesterday, I let them all over here and they went to the back yard. He made friends with Annabelle all day. Then took up with her daughter, Buttercup. Still hanging with her this morning.

So, my flock of sheep will triple starting late April on. I am a little nervous about this whole thing. But people have been asking for lamb for awhile now. And a friend up the road wants her own flock. So I hope to be able to sell just about all of the lambs by fall next year.

Anyone need some lambs!


Linda said...

Wow what a super nice looking ram!!!He has a really nice set of horns. I hope he is a well mannered ram.
Did you buy him or is he a rent a

You should have some really nice lambs next year.Does he have nice wool?


Kris said...

Yes, he really is a nice looking ram. He has really nice wool. He is a loan from a friend for a few months. They are all out there laying down now. Taking a break. I think they've all settled down and have accepted him into the flock. He is a gentle ram. No problems out of him yet. Hopefully, he will stay this way. he's 5 years old and my friend said she's never had a problem with him. And those horns! I just hope we get some color from some of the ewes.