Monday, April 18, 2011

My Garden

This in my garden. On the right is when it was just turned over. On the left it's just been plowed.

The little part to the left is where I planted beets last week. Then there are grape vines. Then next I just planted 20 Rutgers tomato plants today. At the far end I planted 2 rows of Blue Lake green beans. I like the bush. Running beans are a lot of work. So I always plant bush beans.

We need to get the old tiller fixed So I can til some before planting more. I have Silver Queen corn, squash and zuchinni seeds to plant too. Also an heirloom sweet corn I saved seeds from last year. Then okra and cucumbers and peppers and more tomatoes. There is a farm over the ridge that I get heirloom tomatoe and pepper plants from. I will go see what they have next week.

I have cabbage and broccoli in raised beds to the left of the garden. I also have free range chickens. Gardens and chickens don't go well together. Especially at the beginning. And when tomatoes start ripening. So I am going to have to put the hens in coops til winter. They will not stay out of the garden right now. And I want veggies. If I have to pen them up that means I will have bugs and ticks. And probably snakes. So I have some thinking to do here.

I did catch 4 of the Buff roos tonight. They are in a coop right now til I can get them butchered. Have to wait for Truckin' Man to get home to help with that chore. I have 3 game roos that will have to be shot. They roost up in the trees so there's no catching them. Unless I can get them in the milkroom when I feed them in the morning. I will try. My son-in-law said he would be happy to come out and target practice. I will keep one Buff roo. That's all we need.

I hope everyone is able to plant a garden this spring. With the way food prices are going up and all the food scares, I am planting alot. And raising all our meat too. And milk.

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