Thursday, September 29, 2016

Wooden soap racks

My husband and I finally made the soap racks. I've wanted to do this with the wooden boxes we had made before. They were just taking up too much room on the tables. And I've been trying to conserve space when I go to markets. Plus this way will take up less space in the car too. So now I have the 2 plus the wooden cabinet for soap. 17 different soaps in all 3.                                                                                                          Now to get more dryer balls made. And get all my knitted hats and cowls priced. And pack up the car. And probably the truck too. Gonna be a fun weekend!

Feeling like fall here!

Yesterday we turned the AC off and opened all the windows! It was pretty cool last night. And this morning, the curtains were blowing in the breeze. I love this! Only low 70's the next few days! Welcome, Fall!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Some pig happenings...

This morning, on my way to Mrs. T's, I came across this peculiar sight. I thought it was 2 dogs walking down the street. But upon further inspection, (like I got out of my car to see if it actually really was what I thought it was) I realized it was a pig walking with a white dog.

Yes, a full blown pig. Maybe a pot belly pig? It was a male pig, not too awfully big.  The dog was very friendly. I tried to get a look at her tag, which had a bone tag with names on it, but the pig was too close. And I don't think the dog really liked the pig.

So she took off across the road, with the pig grunting after her. I sure hope they found their way home, where ever it is. Just another strange sight in the little town of Flintstone, Ga.  And that's the little fire hall with the tractor beside it. The elementary school is to the right behind the fire hall.

Speaking of pigs... here's my pig. I haven't been down to see him in several months. He's in the middle. They really aren't very big. They are long. But not fat. And I want a FAT pig! I mean, I want FAT on my meat when I get it. I want fat on the pork chops. I hate lean tough pork chops.  And fat in the sausage. I don't like having to add oil to the pan. I can hardly wait! And I want lots of bacon. And I want to make lots of lard too. So I want a fat pig.

I am trying to get ready for a big show this weekend at Cloudland Station. It's Sat. and Sun. I always do really good there. So I have lots of things to do the next 2 days to get it all ready. I'll be taking pottery, soap, and wool stuff. So excited!

Friday, September 23, 2016

A woolly week here.

This week, I have been working with wool. Lots of wool. I made a lot of dryer balls. Some of the wool I dyed turned into dryer balls. And some white wool too. As I was going through some of the wool, I was seeing really nice locks. From Amarrillo and even Adalaide. Then I went through a whole tote of Darla's wool from last year and got a lot more of really long locks from her. So had a nice basket full of good locks.

                                This is the basket full of beautiful locks. They are so soft and pretty.

                      Some of the locks being combed into top. It's so soft and pretty like this.

This is a little bird nest all ready to spin into beautiful fluffy yarn. I'm still spinning alpaca, but will take some of this to the market with me to spin this afternoon. Do something different.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

58 summers

So 58 summers are behind me now. I've started thinking things like this. My 58th August. My 58th Labor Day. Or anything like this. I never did before. I am 58 years old and I was born in 1958. I think that's just amazing! How many people can say they are the same age as their birth year? Probably thousands of people who were born in 1958.

So here I go into my 58th fall. My 58th winter. My 58th Thanksgiving. My 58th Christmas... It feels different for sure. I've never been 58 before, so it's all new to me. But I'm looking at things in a whole new way. I like it.

Happy fall, y'all! I hope it's your best 30th. Or 50th. Or even 58th. Have a good one! Make it count!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Last day of summer.

(Cameron was fascinated by my feet!)

Hanging out in the pasture with the sheep and alpacas this last full day of summer. It's a beautiful thing. Sheep munching grass. Birds chirping. Insects doing their thing. Seems like it's been a really long summer to me. Long and very hot and dry.

What are y'all doing this evening?