Sunday, March 19, 2017


Today, my daughter, her 2 Boxers Rousey and Daisy, and me and my dog Stella, went to the most beautiful place to walk. It's a private property at the foot of Lookout Mt. It's beautiful. I want to live there. I would never leave.

The dogs had a ball, jumping in every lake and stream and mud puddle they found.  Just look at that water! All blues and greens. Magical. That's Lookout to the West.

This lake is at the top. There are about 7 or 8 on this property. Maybe more. But each one is amazing. Little waterfalls and streams all over. Even some natural springs with wonderful cold water!

One of the guys who own this property has a son who walks tightropes. There is one across this lake. It goes from here to the other side. He has done this from the 2 Aquariums in Chattanooga. He's good. But what a great place to fall, right?

The most peaceful place ever. And a beautiful day to go for a long walk.

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Iris said...

It really is a beautiful place! Great for walking; having a picnic, etc.