Thursday, March 16, 2017


This morning we went out back to see what we needed to fix the electric fence. Thorin and Alva came to say hello to Tiny. All the kids were out this morning early. We had a hard freeze last night and it was really bone chillin' cold out. I am so ready for some nice warm weather please!

I had let the sheep and alpacas out back last night, after I put the goats to bed. After I fed the sheep and alpacas, I let the goats out. All the kids were out and I saw Misha and Sugar at the gate, checking the babies out. They love babies. They practically raised the 3 bottle lambs 3 years ago. They are still good buddies. So I told the boys they will have plenty of baby lambs to take care of real soon. I'm sure Amarillo, the ewe that had the quads, is going to have quads again. She is rather huge right now. Some of it is her wool because she was the only one who didn't get sheared in September last year. But it is babies too. I called my friend Carrie to see if she was serious about wanting bottle babies and if she was, she better get ready for a few! She said yes, they were really wanting some babies. I am happy about that!

I kind of wish we had gotten snow instead of this frost the past 2 nights. I didn't cover anything, so I know I've lost my few blueberry bushes that had tons of flowers on them already. And the 3 fig bushes had tips of green. The elderberry bushes had full leaves too. It's been a wonky winter for sure here. I'll be so happy to see it leave us.

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