Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So depressing

I was all loaded up to go to market earlier today. Went out to check on the bees for some reason. I lifted the lid and saw long wormy things all over. I looked and they are all through the whole hive.There are bees but not too many. They were all through the hive. I took off the top box and cleaned it all out. Gave it to the chickens. They loved all those good gooey larva.

I kept looking through the whole hive. The bottom one is the worst. Full of moths and stringy webbing and loads of the larva. I am SO upset. Went in here and looked it up on Google. Saw several videos on the moth and what it does. Several said to burn the frames. Some said to freeze them. I just want to go get another clean new hive and start all over again. The poor bees are fighting and trying to save their home.

I don't know if  the moths got in because when I checked them a few weeks ago, I kind of didn't get the 4th box on good enough and there was a little gap at the back of the hive. That's where all the bees were going in and out. Not the front at the entrance. I found out why later. That bottom box is FULL of the darn things.

I just don;t know what to do now. Should I go get another hive and put it next to this hive? One of the guys said these moths and larva like the shade. The sun will dry them out and kill them. My hive is under a maple tree. Shaded all day. Should I move it out into the sun now? But I heard it's not a good thing to move a hive.

It also said the moths like the darker comb or frames. Well, every single frame has been BLACK since I got it. That and the shade. Not good. I so want the remaining bees to be ok. But are they doomed? What should I do????

I was so bummed about this whole thing, I didn't go to market. Plus it started raining here. I am just depressed now.


Sandra said...

Kris, I have no advice, but wanted to say how sorry I am to hear the news about your hive!!
I hope you find some answers!

Kristin said...

Oh man, I don't know what to tell you. I had the moths set in on a hive last fall, but the hive was dead. I'm sad to say, I wouldn't hold out much hope for them recovering from this. Beekeeping is so hard. I've had 3 hives over the years and have only been able to keep one going.

Is there any brood in the hive? You can freeze the frames that don't have brood to help kill the larvae.

I guess then I'd clean the boxes and remaining frames as thoroughly as you can without killing bees. Kill what moths and larvae you can, get rid of that webbing, and check back every other day.

How many bees are left?

This week I noticed my bees going crazy. I went up to examine them and they were full of ants! One blade of grass was leaning against my stand. I have to keep the stand in paint cans full of water to keep the ants controlled. Then I have the added fun of keeping the mosquitoes controlled.

Kristin said...

PS- if you get another hive, you may want to look into putting it in the sun. It's harder on the bees, but also harder on moths and hive beetles.

I'm far from an expert on bees and I'm looking forward to hearing other ideas/ comments.

Betty Ann said...

Oh Kris. My heart breaks for you. I have lived through this with Kristin and have seen first hand how discouraging it is after so much hard work and high expectations. Everything new is a learning experience but sometimes I prefer to do my learning by reading it in a book, not by living it. Hugs

Kristin said...

I know misery doesn't like company, but I just went to check mine and I think they're goners too.