Tuesday, July 23, 2013

No eggs yet

No eggs today. I know that moving animals from one home to a new home messes with them. Like goats in milk will really slow down in production. Cows will too. But then they pick back up when they get back into a routine. And hens do the same thing.

These hens (or pullets, since some are not laying yet and some have just started laying, and they are less than 5 months old?) are still young. And just starting out their laying careers. And the guy I got them from had fed them a 16% layer pellet. I don't feed mine layer feed. They will be getting the fermented grains with expeller pressed sunflower pellets and kelp. Plus clabbered raw milk and scraps. So it might take them a few weeks to get into a routine here. Plus they can go outside in their yard for sun and grass and bugs and stuff.

I cleaned out the nest boxes and put fresh older hay in them. And put an egg in one nest. I hope that will get them going soon. I'll look for a few wooden eggs.

I was so excited to come home and go check for eggs and find a few. Then nothing there. Oh well. It will happen. I have to just hang in there.


Kristin said...

You'll get eggs! What happened to the red hens who used to hang out around your milking stand?

Kris said...

I sold them. I had to coop them when I started my garden in March. They quit laying. Then I put them in the big chicken tractor, thinking that would help them lay. Nope. So I sold them. I'm sure they are laying just fine now for someone else. They always do.

These red ones are the same breed. I really like them. And I used to have a White Leghorn named Goldie that layed an egg every day in the garage in a shelf.

It is nice to have more hens. The older new ones are just mean to the "babies" though.