Thursday, June 29, 2017

Just sheep. And a few alpacas.

Earlier this week, I thought about asking my friend Cara if she'd like to take Freya and Olga for awhile. So I could have a break. I called her to ask her to think about it. The next morning she called back and said she'd love to have them! So her husband came in a little truck to get one of the stanchions and the feed barrel. I loaded the goats in my Trooper and took them to their new farm, not too far from here. Cara has all four of the doe kids. Plus another doe and her buck kid. They have 35 acres, so there is plenty of room for them.

It's been about 3 days now. And I don't think I've really missed them. Or the milking twice a day. I think it was getting to me. Having to hurry in the mornings to get out there to milk them. Then I never could go anywhere at night, because I'd have to hurry back home to milk. And I want to go places. So now I can.

I cleaned out the barn real good after the girls left that afternoon. Put down some mulch inside the barn. Got all the feed bowls and hay racks. Then put the sheep and alpacas out back.

And I don't have to hurry with the sheep. I can just take my time. I feel so much better. I even found two pretty good sized trees about 10' apart out back and thought I'd get a hammock. I finally found one yesterday. I'll put it up tomorrow.

I have way too many sheep right now. 8 ewes and 14 lambs. The ewes were all sick awhile back and they are finally all better. Then a few days ago, I noticed Legolas, one of the ram lambs, had a huge jaw. So got all my worming stuff together and got him good. All the others looked fine. So I've been keeping an eye on them all. He's better now. We've had so much rain here and the worms are really bad. It didn't rain for about 5 days and now it's raining again for the next few days. I really need to try to sell some of the lambs.

This back pasture used to be a pine forest years ago. They got pine borers and had to be all cut down. There are still piles of dead wood back there. The baby goats love to play on the wood. And I just think it's kind of cool looking.


Linda said...

wow I didn't know you were getting rid of the goats. I understand about being tied down. Sometimes it gets to be too much. I am milking twice a day now too.

I ended up selling my geese today. They kept beating up my chickens and they were really ramping up the abuse. So I posted them for sale and a lady came and got them today. I really loved my geese but was not willing to build a separate area to house them and add to my work load.

Take your extra time and enjoy.I think we all work to hard sometimes.


Kris said...

Not totally sure they won't be coming back here some day. But for now, I AM enjoying the freedom! I'm going to go see my sister in S. Ga. soon! So fun to not have to hurry home to milk.

So sorry you had to sell your geese. I just saw a video of a really cool goose who did yard work!