Thursday, February 15, 2018

Just Kitties

These girls are growing so fast. Ruby is the sweetest one. She purrs. And never scratches, unless she's mad. Which is rare. I can pet her all day and she's just fine.

But Nora is a total different story. That girl is mean! My hands can prove it. I was dripping blood this morning. But when she's not trying to kill me, she can be sweet too.

They like the movie Once too. I love the music. It puts them to sleep.

I never know what I'll find when I leave a cabinet door open anymore.
This is Ruby Nell.

Nora loves to just lay it all out and relax!  She does this a lot

And they just love each other. I find them like this all the time.

And they watch Game of Thrones with me. They like the loud scary music. And the opening music too.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

This Tree...

I love it. 
It's one of my favorite white trees. A Sycamore. It's next door to Mrs. T's.  
It's beautiful.


Yep, just call me Cinderella. That's what I feel like most of the time now. Do this. Do that. Go here. Go there. I need this. I need that. I need, I need, I need... UGH! I am being pulled in SO many directions.

Last Thursday, I just broke down while driving my mom's car to lunch. Just let it rip! I cried, I screamed, I complained. We went to Longhorn because I had a gift certificate my brother gave me for Christmas and I was broke. Because I work my ass of for NOTHING!

And I had a huge margarita. With my mom sitting across from me. Who hasn't drank in 40 years. And I have never drank in front of my mom. Ever.  It was so darn good too. I couldn't even eat all my burger and fries, but I drank the whole darn thing.

That's all I want to do anymore. Drink. I have been buying different wines just to see which are better. I am hooked on Pinot Grigio from Cavit. Really good stuff.

I am a bit worried though, as we do have a history of alcoholism in my family. But right now, I just don't care.

I am hooked on Game Of Thrones. I listen to the music all day. It's beautiful. I have also been getting movies from thrift stores.

So, some people know I have been taking care of a lady I have known for nearly 35 years now.She's 100 years old. I love her. She has dementia. It's so sad. I don't understand it at all and it's frustrating to see her struggle with her memory and where she is. Just makes me cry.

But I do so much for her. And she gets mad at me because she wants to be in charge and make decisions and she can't even remember one minute ago.

I am in charge of all the caretakers. That's a head ache, especially when we only had 5 and 2 will be sick the same week. But we have really good people and they fill in when they can. But sometimes I have to stay. And it really confuses her. And we have to go over it all day, explaining why I am there and Betty or Emily or whoever isn't there.

And a few weeks ago, one of the weekend caretakers found some bites on herself and Mrs. T. I called her pest control people and they came out week before last to do an inspection. He found some evidence of bed bugs on the old sofa where the 2 caretakers sleep because they don't want to sleep in the bed provided for them. And he sound them in Mrs. T's bed.

The sofa was the first thing to get thrown out the door, along with every cushion and pillow on it. They we started getting ready for the treatment the following Monday. I don't know if anyone is aware of the amount of work that goes into the before part, but it's a LOT of work! Hours and hours and days and days of putting everything in plastic bags, cleaning out every closet in the whole 2 story house. Every picture off the walls. Even though they just found bed bugs on those 2 things, the whole house was done. All furniture was moved into the middle of every room. All curtains off windows. It just went on and on...

Then, it had to be all put back. Plus I spent hours at the laundromat. Lots of work.

He came back yesterday to inspect. Didn't find anything!!! They will do this every week for a month.

But we lost one of the weekend caretakers, because of this. So finding new people. Interviews. I think I found a good lady for weekends.

I am pretty sure where the bed bugs came from, since Brad said they hadn't been there but about 3 weeks. And that's when we started using an agency for caretakers.

Anyway, I am just complaining this whole post. But this is what I have been doing, every day. And not getting paid.

And we have our youngest grand daughter living with us. Since last April. She'll be 15 in 2 months. And she's driving me crazy!!!!!! Seriously. I will be moving into the little apartment at Mrs. T's for the summer. With my 2 kitties. I'll be closer to my mom there. When I told her ( my grand daughter) and my husband, she wanted to know who will be cooking. I just want to cry.

Just call me Cinderella...